Re: Debian Flyer

From: Noel Koethe (
Date: Sat May 25 2002 - 11:59:19 CEST

On Sam, 25 Mai 2002, Martin Schulze wrote:

> > > Oh no! Not again made of a non-free software. I would like to veto
> > > and strongly discourage this effort. I'd rather urge you to work
> > > towards a flyer created with Free Software, i.e. with LaTeX, for
> >
> > Sure, just do it.
> I probably will do it, if it needs to. As you know I just found
> out the desaster yesterday because Michael informed me.

I didn't know, that you didn't know it is a potato flyer.
Michael told me you still have a lot of them for LT.
> A good solution that takes longer is probably better and should
> be preferred over a quick solution with non-free tools, imho.

So I can tell Davide he can stop working on this version
and you will make a latex flyer?
Davide isn't doing this flyer just for LT.
It will be used on an italian event but I don't know any

> > I would prefer a free software solution, too. But there isn't
> > a good looking flyer available (just the ugly latex on klecker).
> So work on one.

Why? I found a person who will invest time and knowledge
for a good looking flyer. Because he make it without getting
payed I cannot dictate him what he should use.
If you will create a flyer with free software this is OK for
me. Just do it.

I ask a local printing company and they will need 5-7 workdays
for 4-colors double sided flyers.

Noch einen schönen Tag

Noèl Köthe

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