Re: Debian Flyer

From: Martin Schulze (
Date: Sat May 25 2002 - 13:24:38 CEST

Noel Koethe wrote:
> > A good solution that takes longer is probably better and should
> > be preferred over a quick solution with non-free tools, imho.
> So I can tell Davide he can stop working on this version
> and you will make a latex flyer?

If David Welton wants to play with non-free crap, that's his decision,
I have nothing to do with that. I cannot stop him.

I don't have time for create new flyers within the next 8 days, but
you probably know that already. For LinuxTag 2003, sure we can create
new flyers with Free Software, there's enough time for designing and

> > > I would prefer a free software solution, too. But there isn't
> > > a good looking flyer available (just the ugly latex on klecker).
> >
> > So work on one.
> Why? I found a person who will invest time and knowledge
> for a good looking flyer. Because he make it without getting
> payed I cannot dictate him what he should use.

Because there's a difference between non-free crap and Free Software.
It's not that there is no alternative. You can very well create high
quality, graphically enhanced printings with The GIMP and LaTeX. All
you need to do is a) learn GIMP and b) learn LaTeX and graphic

Just because you are unable to use The GIMP and LaTeX doesn't mean
nobody can use them.

I see no need for any non-free crap for creating well looking, high
quality flyers.

Oh, and for colour separation, dodge that. Create an RGB Postscript
file, hand it over to a design studio and receive four slides, one for
each of CMYK. Been there, done that, don't tell me you can't! You
only need to want it!



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