Bugfix procedures for frozen

Subject: Bugfix procedures for frozen
From: Richard Braakman (dark@xs4all.nl)
Date: Fri Jan 14 2000 - 21:40:19 CET

This is an informational message for those who joined the project
after the previous freeze, and for those who are so old they have
forgotten :-)

If you upload a package with "frozen unstable" (or just "frozen",
see previous announcement) in the changelog, it will be held in
Incoming and dinstall will tag it with "CONFIRM". Then the
Release Manager (that's me) or his deputy (I'm looking for one)
will look at it and install it by hand, or install it only in
unstable, or reject it.

The main criterion for installing packages in frozen will be whether
they enhance stability and release-worthiness. New code, new features,
and most particularly new library versions will be viewed with

Keep in mind that the changelog in the .changes file is your most
direct line of communication to the release manager. If you upload
to frozen, please explain why in the changelog.

Also, please keep changes in frozen to a minimum. It's better
to fix a bug with a small patch than to upgrade to a whole new
upstream version. (On the other hand, it may be better to upgrade
to a tested upstream "bugfix" version than to try to backport
patches by hand. That's your call as package maintainer.)

Remember that I will be _very_ busy during this time. I try to
reply to all my mail, but I may be swamped in the near future.

Richard Braakman

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