Potato freezes this weekend

Subject: Potato freezes this weekend
From: Richard Braakman (dark@xs4all.nl)
Date: Fri Jan 14 2000 - 21:30:31 CET

Tonight I will remove the packages that should be removed entirely
(due to license issues or obsoleteness). This weekend I will freeze
potato, and then remove many packages with release-critical bugs
from frozen.

I can't give an exact time for the freeze, because the process will
probably take me all weekend. It is already time to start uploading
important bugfixes with "frozen unstable" in the changelog.

Note: Only upload with "frozen" alone iff the package in unstable has
already been updated to a newer version. Be careful to keep all
version numbers in frozen lower than the version numbers in unstable.

After the freeze there will be one week "settling" time before the
first Test Cycle starts. I may extend this to two weeks.
Packages that were removed from frozen due to bugginess can be fixed
and re-uploaded during this time. Once the Test Cycles start, it's
too late.

I know that there are a number of packages in Incoming that should
still go into potato. I will process them this weekend.

Richard Braakman

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