Debian Village at HAR2009 (was: One week to HAR2009!)

From: Axel Beckert <>
Date: Thu, 6 Aug 2009 14:02:35 +0200

Hi Philip and all other Debianeros coming to HAR2009,

On Wed, Aug 05, 2009 at 03:17:16PM +0200, Philip Paeps wrote:
> A while back, I signed up on the wiki as a "refugee" in the Debian
> Village.

Yeah, and I'm glad you wrote me an e-mail, because you were the only
one on I
had difficulties finding the appropriate e-mail address.

I was already planning to write this mail which now became a reply on
your's since you asked exactly the questions I planned to answer
anyway. (Hope you don't mind citing parts of it on d-d-e_at_l.d.o.)

> Going through the list of things I need to do before HAR, I realized
> I have no idea where the village is going to be,

Same to me. Although I saw some villages having there place already
set, I found no indication in the wiki how to claim space for a
Village. So I do this now by announcing it here (see below) and on

> and more importantly, that I haven't contributed anything to the
> founding of the village.

Since I just was at DebConf9 and I'm on holidays now, I would like to
see the (small) village as place to hang out, recover from DebConf9
(/me waves to h01ger ;-) and enjoy the time with like-minded people --
nothing overorganised. :-)

> Do you have any idea where the Debian village is going to be on the
> HAR site?

I herewith announce that the village shall be at the border between
the camping areas D and W close to the campervan area where I will
probably reside since they want all campervan and caravan users to
live in one place. (The word "ghetto" comes to my mind. *grmpf*)

> Would you like any contributions towards use of village tents or
> such things?

One village/party tent wouldn't be bad. I'm living in my 2CV for about
4 weeks and have no space to carry around any bigger things. (Besides
of not owning a party tent yet.) Even left my camping table at home...

I do though have an igloo tent with me, but I'm not yet sure if I will
sleep in the car or tent. So if we need some storage space, that tent
would be an option and I would sleep in the car (which should be seen
as one-man-campervan ;-).

h0lger: Do you have that big Debian banner which was in the entrance
hall at Muņoz Torrero? That would make a good feature of our small
village. ;-)

> Since I'm coming by train and bike,

Hehe, cool. I have a folding bike with me, which should help about
being not allowed to move your campervan during the event. :-/

> I'm a bit limited in "gear" I can bring along, but if there's
> anything you need me to bring (power strips, cables, switches,
> whatever), let me know and I'll try to drag them along. :-)

I have only one big powerbar (ca. 8 sockets, several meters of cable)
and two network cables plus connector, so maybe switches, and some
more network cables and power bars wouldn't be a bad idea.

> PS: If you can't match my face to name, I'm the FreeBSD refugee who hangs out
> with the Debianists at Chaos Congress too. :-)

Hrm, I never was and probably never will be at the CCCongress due its
date and me being a member of that set of geeks who belong to a
working family. ;-)

BTW: Anyone coming earlier? I will be in the Netherlands from tomorrow
on and I will probably be at HAR before 13th of August, but I'm not
yet sure when I will arrive there since I don't want the car and me to
be bound to one place for over one week. Give me a call (see below) if
you arrive before 13th of August.

Hope to see you soon at HAR!

P.S.: I probably won't be reachable by e-mail, Jabber or IRC before
arriving at HAR, but I should be quite easily reachable by phone
(using a hands-free set running Linux ;-). My mobile phone number is
+41 79 769 4554. At HAR (and FrOSCon :-) my DECT number will be 2106.

P.P.S. to tokkee: A pity you can't come. See you at FrOSCon then at

                Regards, Axel

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