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From: Jelmer Vernooij <>
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2009 13:19:52 +0200

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Hi !

Axel Beckert wrote:
>> I'm a bit limited in "gear" I can bring along, but if there's
>> anything you need me to bring (power strips, cables, switches,
>> whatever), let me know and I'll try to drag them along. :-)
> I have only one big powerbar (ca. 8 sockets, several meters of cable)
> and two network cables plus connector, so maybe switches, and some
> more network cables and power bars wouldn't be a bad idea.
I'll bring two extra big powerbars and the banner.
>> PS: If you can't match my face to name, I'm the FreeBSD refugee who
hangs out
>> with the Debianists at Chaos Congress too. :-)
> Hrm, I never was and probably never will be at the CCCongress due its
> date and me being a member of that set of geeks who belong to a
> working family. ;-)
> BTW: Anyone coming earlier? I will be in the Netherlands from tomorrow
> on and I will probably be at HAR before 13th of August, but I'm not
> yet sure when I will arrive there since I don't want the car and me to
> be bound to one place for over one week. Give me a call (see below) if
> you arrive before 13th of August.
I hope to arrive on the evening of the 12th, perhaps early morning on
the 13th.

Looking forward to seeing you all again!

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