never meant zero cost

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Date: Sun May 26 2002 - 20:30:21 CEST

At 18:39 +0200 5/26/02, martin f krafft wrote
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>also sprach Michael Holzt <> [2002.05.26.1826 +0200]:
>> No! Free Software does not mean and has never meant zero cost.
>> (Re-)adding 'also' is just plainly wrong there.
>> Free Software is about Freedom and not about Free Beer.
>it's about both. if i roll out 20 debian workstations in a company
>rather than 20 win2k boxes, i save a shitload of money.
Only in the short term
and only "_if_ you roll out Debian instead of costly software"
Your long term thinking Chief Executive Oficer (CEO) will not allow you.
People don't trust there bissness to free cost solutions.

>put it this way: freedom and free beer... which one do you think is
>the selling factor? yes, free beer. now do you have to pay for debian?
>no! i know that one *can* pay for it, but one doesn't have to. that's
>the reasoning.

It is indeed like drinking beer with friends in the pub.
Every one should contribute for having a good time
and paying the bill.

Debian is comprised entirely of Free Software.
By Free Software, we don't just mean low cost at purcase,
but the Freedom to use it how and where you want,
share it with your friends, read the source code,
modify it if you like
and distribute those changes to other people.
This means Debian can be used with no limitations -
even in commercial environments!
Debian is the largest collection of ready-to-install
Free Software on the internet.


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