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From: martin f krafft (
Date: Sun May 26 2002 - 20:34:34 CEST

also sprach Geert Stappers <> [2002.05.26.2030 +0200]:
> >it's about both. if i roll out 20 debian workstations in a company
> >rather than 20 win2k boxes, i save a shitload of money.
> Only in the short term


> and only "_if_ you roll out Debian instead of costly software"

that was my point. because debian is free and debian costs nothing.
noone ever questioned whether running debian costs something. we're
talking about debian as a product, and that's free as in freedom and
as in free beer.

> Your long term thinking Chief Executive Oficer (CEO) will not allow
> you.

i would not work in a company with such a short-sighted CEO.

> \def\Freedom{
> %
> Debian is comprised entirely of Free Software.
> By Free Software, we don't just mean low cost at purcase,

i paid jack for debian. and i never purchased it either. people who
get the cd at linuxtag don't purchase it either. we're talking about
the product here! our targets are home users who won't incur costs
anyway, and a network admin of a company will know better than to
assume that this CD will save 20 million euros a year.

the rest reads fine.

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