Re: Negative statement of intent

From: Michael Holzt (
Date: Sat May 25 2002 - 15:34:42 CEST

> If you should be going to create new flyers and get them printed,
> don't expect any support from for them from myself.

Fine. But please stop here for a while and ask yourself:

  'Am I helping the debian project with this? Or is my fith
   for my own personal believes doing damage to the project?'

There is no problem with you fighting for your own personal believes.
In fact i welcome your opinions and the fact that you are sticking to

All i ask here is: Please stop destroying the work made by others who
have other opionions and try to help the project by creating a flyer.

Your comments on this matter were really disappointing for everyone
which has committed into the flyer creation. I'm sure this wasn't
your intention, but it happened.

I'm all for personal believes, but we all have a bigger picture,
and this is our common project: Debian. Although i encourage everyone
to stand up for his/her opinions we all should take care not to do
damage to the project by such.

Sometimes it is more helpful for the big picture to accept a compromise.

Thank you.


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