Re: LT CD, Second Try

From: Joerg Jaspert (
Date: Sun May 12 2002 - 22:07:11 CEST

Martin Schulze <> writes:

>> > This is not the idea of such a CD though. I somehow have the
>> > impression that you don't really know what this is about.
>> Ok. Should i stop and let you do the work?
> Please take into account that Roland already mastered the CD for 2000
> and another one for another LinuxTag (iirc). He definitively knows
> what he's talking about.

I dont say that he knows nothing.

>> This is a Intro CD to Debian. Nothing more.
> If it is only an intro cd that can only be handled by professionals,
> we should stop the effort at once. Because: These people are able
> to fetch an image from the net, burn it, install it. They don't need
> a LinuxTag Debian CD.


>> I dont care about tasksel or aptitude, but i try to build a usable CD.
> You should. If not, I'm awfully sorry, but I have doubts that the
> resulting CD will be useful.

I dont care :)
If it works: Fine. If not: That could be bad. But i wont patch it. I
would use patched versions for the CD, but i dont patch it myself.
Because my programming skills are not good enough.

> The attitude "I'm doing it my way, now you shut up your dirty mouth"
> is very bad for a cooperate effort creating such a CD - and it is
> definitively a bad way to interact with other people.

The mail from Roland was then useless too.
If i only want to do it myself i never posted here. But i dont like a
comment like "Get lost" and nothing else.

After a quick look into the tasksel task Files it could be that it
only displays Tasks we have. Or better: Tasks for which we have all
Packages marked Essential. But im not really sure about that.

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