Re: LT CD, Second Try

From: Martin Schulze (
Date: Sun May 12 2002 - 21:49:41 CEST

Damn! I had hoped to be able to keep myself out of this mess, but
it seems to escalate a little bit...

Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> To read 5 - 10 Minutes the Intro displayed by dselect and a look at the
> Keystrokes page is too much? You have a new thing and dont want to
> learn how to use it?

Even though you and me are able to use dselect, it is probably not
an overly clever idea to direct people to it who haven't used Debian
before. Hence, tasksel and aptitude, capt, or whatever should be

> > This is not the idea of such a CD though. I somehow have the
> > impression that you don't really know what this is about.
> Ok. Should i stop and let you do the work?

Please take into account that Roland already mastered the CD for 2000
and another one for another LinuxTag (iirc). He definitively knows
what he's talking about.

> This is a Intro CD to Debian. Nothing more.

If it is only an intro cd that can only be handled by professionals,
we should stop the effort at once. Because: These people are able
to fetch an image from the net, burn it, install it. They don't need
a LinuxTag Debian CD.

> I dont care about tasksel or aptitude, but i try to build a usable CD.

You should. If not, I'm awfully sorry, but I have doubts that the
resulting CD will be useful.

The attitude "I'm doing it my way, now you shut up your dirty mouth"
is very bad for a cooperate effort creating such a CD - and it is
definitively a bad way to interact with other people.

> Even if you like tasksel: It is *IMO* useless if you dont have all
> packages for the tasks installed.

In that case, we shold work on fixing this or stop the cd effort as
the CD may not be useful for the target audience.



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