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From: Alexander Wirt (
Date: Sun May 12 2002 - 22:09:37 CEST

On Sun, May 12, 2002 at 09:25:56PM +0200, Joerg Jaspert wrote:

As someone who isn't involed into the Linuxtag CD Project I want so say
a few thing to the actual problemes. Maybe I have got a different view
to the thing.

> >> dselect is EASY.
> > Get lost.

I think dselect dselect, not depending on what powerfull it is,
has an awfull handling. Somebody who never worked with such TextUi's is
running in big problems if he has alreasy dselect a tool for installing

> What do you want? Do something constructive or be quiet.
> > Certainly it is if you are used to it or willing to spend a
> > considerable amount of time to read documentation during the
> > installation process.
> To read 5 - 10 Minutes the Intro displayed by dselect and a look at the
> Keystrokes page is too much? You have a new thing and dont want to
> learn how to use it?
5-10 Minutes for someone ever worked with such a thing of software.

> > This is not the idea of such a CD though. I somehow have the
> > impression that you don't really know what this is about.
> Ok. Should i stop and let you do the work?

Hu is this a kindergarten ?
I think this a a multi person opensource projekt where everybody could
take part in it.

> This is a Intro CD to Debian. Nothing more.
In that case it is an into cd it could give new users the best view to
debian as possible. We want new users and not confused users.

> I dont care about tasksel or aptitude, but i try to build a usable CD.
tasksel is very fine for beginners. A "newbie" never could no every
package he has to install.

> Even if you like tasksel: It is *IMO* useless if you dont have all
> packages for the tasks installed.
Thats a software problem not a designproblem. It has to be solved...

> If list-members dont want it removed, just a note in the README thats
> fine for me.
> BTW: dselect is one of the best things in Debian, together with dpkg,
> apt and the whole package system.
For somebody who is able to use it or know what he is doing.

> > Read the archives. Get a clue.
> dselect is easy. DOT.
not to a newbie

> BTW: There is this aptitude thing on the CD if you dont like dselect.

greetings alex

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