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From: Alexander Reelsen (
Date: Sun May 20 2001 - 23:59:46 CEST

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    On Sat, May 19, 2001 at 07:35:53PM +0200, Martin Schulze wrote:
    > My preference for the Debian Day is friday. This "event" doesn't
    > target at users in general so it don't have to be on saturday. Friday
    > looks good to me.
    Nothing wrong, though it might be a problem that some people are not able
    to come at that day due to work or whatever. But looks as if it is the
    best day.

    > During LinuxTag there will be one or two workshop rooms reserved
    > for the Community to organize BoFs and workshops. It should be
    > possible to occupy one room for an entire day for the Debian
    > project.

    > The following topics are discussed, partially there is also a
    > speaker proposed:
    > * Debian - Managing a 700people-project, internal structures
    > * Debian Package Maintenance
    > * Debconf - from the beginning
    Nice topics, everyone of it.

    > * Software Development (CVS, autoconf, make etc.)
    This isn't too debian specific, or? If we only get one day, we should
    focus on some more debian-related things (it's intended to be for
    developers and developers-in-spe.. :)

    > * dpkg-internals
    > (maybe Wichert Akkerman <>)
    Might be coupled with debian package maintenance.

    > * Debian GNU in business environments
    > (Michael Meskes <>)
    hm. Wrong audience?

    > * read-only/reiserfs/tux2, possibilities and workability
    > (Goswin Brederlow)
    This could be combined with talking about alternative installation file
    systems (has anyone started this, otherwise that meeting could be a good
    date to create a task force :).

    > * Security-hardening a Debian-System
    > (Alexander Reelsen)
    Listing this one time is enough I guess..

    > What do you think? What talks will actually be possible? How many do
    > we want and in which order? We can use the room for the entire day if
    > we like. LinuxTag begins at 9.00am and ends on 6.00pm. Additionally,
    > Friday is the day when our Social Event will take place. Not sure
    > when it starts, but I guess it's 8pm, so we could stay in the room if
    > we like.
    If we get one room for nine hours, we might be able to have 7 up to 8
    talks and meetings coupled with GPG fingerprint trades and stuff...

    Just my 0.02choose-your-currency

    MfG/Regards, Alexander

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