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From: Martin Schulze (
Date: Sat May 19 2001 - 19:35:53 CEST

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    let's get some work done now. For a couple of days on my todo list
    was the plan to provide a "Debian Day" which target at developers and
    potential further developers. Now that I've got the final acknowledge
    that we can use a room for this (for about 50 people) we can actually
    start discussing what we want to do there.

    My preference for the Debian Day is friday. This "event" doesn't
    target at users in general so it don't have to be on saturday. Friday
    looks good to me.

    Quoting some random web page:

       We are discussing a possibility to organize a special
       Debian-oriented day at LinuxTag 2001. The target audience consists
       of people who want to know details about the Debian project or
       event plan to participate. The Debian-Day is not intended to be a
       competitor to the regular LinuxTag conference program but gives it
       additional spice for a smaller amount of people. We don't expect
       more than 100 people being interested in any single presentation.

       During LinuxTag there will be one or two workshop rooms reserved
       for the Community to organize BoFs and workshops. It should be
       possible to occupy one room for an entire day for the Debian

       The following topics are discussed, partially there is also a
       speaker proposed:

         * Debian - Managing a 700people-project, internal structures
         * Debian Package Maintenance
         * Debconf - from the beginning
         * Software Development (CVS, autoconf, make etc.)
         * dpkg-internals
           (maybe Wichert Akkerman <>)
         * - multilingual and maintained with WML
         * i18n & l10n within Debian
         * Debian GNU/Hurd
           (maybe Marcus Brinkmann, he's at LSM)
         * FAI - Fully Automated Installation
           (Thomas Lange <lange@informatik.Uni-Koeln.DE>)
         * Debian GNU in business environments
           (Michael Meskes <>)
         * Debian Archive Maintenance - Package Pools
           (maybe James 'The Evil' Troup)
         * Security-Hardening a Debian System
           (maybe Alexander Reelsen)
         * Quality Assurance for Debian
           (maybe Martin Michlmayr)
         * rsync /mirroring debian /rproxy
           (Goswin Brederlow)
         * read-only/reiserfs/tux2, possibilities and workability
           (Goswin Brederlow)
         * Security-hardening a Debian-System
           (Alexander Reelsen)

    What do you think? What talks will actually be possible? How many do
    we want and in which order? We can use the room for the entire day if
    we like. LinuxTag begins at 9.00am and ends on 6.00pm. Additionally,
    Friday is the day when our Social Event will take place. Not sure
    when it starts, but I guess it's 8pm, so we could stay in the room if
    we like.



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