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From: Martin Schulze (
Date: Sun May 27 2001 - 22:43:52 CEST

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    Umh, for some reason I ignored this mail, pity me.

    Alexander Reelsen wrote:
    > > The following topics are discussed, partially there is also a
    > > speaker proposed:
    > >
    > > * Debian - Managing a 700people-project, internal structures
    > > * Debian Package Maintenance
    > > * Debconf - from the beginning
    > Nice topics, everyone of it.

    It only needs a speaker...

    > > * Software Development (CVS, autoconf, make etc.)
    > This isn't too debian specific, or? If we only get one day, we should
    > focus on some more debian-related things (it's intended to be for
    > developers and developers-in-spe.. :)

    Change its content to describe the use of these tools with their
    influence on Debian, such as:

      . Using CVS for package maintenance (cvs-buildpackage and others)
      . What to do if a program to package uses autoconf? How to fiddle
        with ./configure, how does it work, how to modify if it bombs out?
      . What are Makefiles and how do they work? debian/rules normally is
        a makefile after all

    > > * dpkg-internals
    > > (maybe Wichert Akkerman <>)
    > Might be coupled with debian package maintenance.

    I'd rather have two talks/workshops due to the amount of potential

    > > * Debian GNU in business environments
    > > (Michael Meskes <>)
    > hm. Wrong audience?

    Hmm, not really, simply because Debian GNU is already used in business
    and this could give us some rationale why it was choosen, why it was
    preferred over other systems, and what kind of requirements business
    environments have, do we meet all of them? If not where and how could
    Debian be improved?

    > > * read-only/reiserfs/tux2, possibilities and workability
    > > (Goswin Brederlow)
    > This could be combined with talking about alternative installation file
    > systems (has anyone started this, otherwise that meeting could be a good
    > date to create a task force :).

    It could be held outside of the Debian Day as well, since it doesn't
    seem to be debian-specific.

    > > * Security-hardening a Debian-System
    > > (Alexander Reelsen)
    > Listing this one time is enough I guess..

    Yes, I agree, you don't deserve to be listed twice. :)

    > > What do you think? What talks will actually be possible? How many do
    > > we want and in which order? We can use the room for the entire day if
    > > we like. LinuxTag begins at 9.00am and ends on 6.00pm. Additionally,
    > > Friday is the day when our Social Event will take place. Not sure
    > > when it starts, but I guess it's 8pm, so we could stay in the room if
    > > we like.
    > If we get one room for nine hours, we might be able to have 7 up to 8
    > talks and meetings coupled with GPG fingerprint trades and stuff...

    LinuxTag opens at 9.00 and ends at 18.00 on non-sundays, so it could
    be extended if required. Though, I've started the workshops at 10

    I've marked all talks where a speaker has acknowledged it, with a
    asterisk on the web page.



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