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Subject: Re: Updated DSA Key
From: Chris Lawrence (
Date: Fri Dec 31 1999 - 07:14:50 CET

On Dec 31, Mike Goldman wrote:
> What is the procedure for submitting a new (DSA/ElGamal) key for signing
> packages with? Since converting to GnuPG and creating a DSA key,
> debsign wants to use the DSA key instead of the older RSA key, unless
> explicitly overridden. Rather than doing this each time, or sticking
> with the RSA key exclusively, I'd like to be able to use either key for
> signing.

I followed the procedure in the debian-keyring README file. Remember
to sign your DSA key with the RSA key, of course, then send it in.

Here are the relevant sentences:

Updating your key(s)

If your key has been updated, you should send your update to

Signing your GPG key with your PGP one
If you already have a PGP key, but only now made a GPG key, you must
sign your GPG key with your PGP one. This can be done as follows:

o Get the gpg-rsa (or gpg-rsaref, if you live in the US) and gpg-idea
  packages and install them.

o Sign your GPG key with your PGP key:
        gpg --load-extension rsa --load-extension idea \
            --secret-keyring ~/.pgp/secring.pgp \
            --default-key 'Your PGP ID' --sign-key 'Your GPG ID'

I think dinstall uses the keyring from the latest debian-keyring
package, so your GnuPG key won't work until your new key is inserted
into the official keyring and uploaded. This usually happens once or
twice a month.

In the meantime, you could get GnuPG to use the RSA key for signing,
so you don't have to remember to specify the needed options for using


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