MOP headers (old DEC Risc MIPS boxes)

Subject: MOP headers (old DEC Risc MIPS boxes)
From: Bernd Harries (
Date: Tue Nov 09 1999 - 14:52:21 CET

Hi Dudes,

I made some investigations on MOP. Could not get any docu so far.

Attached is a mop.tar.gz.uue. It's a ./mop directory with some MOP
headers and a list of the files(sizes) where they come from.

The 512 bytes which I have to cut off a .sys file (MOP) in order to make
it fit for tftp (.tft) or bootp (.btp) seem to depend only on the length
of the data chunk.

The files are Firmware images for DEC Alpha VME boards and the 512K
files all have the same header. There are 4 CPU types, of CPUs, the
first gets the fw_* files, the 2nd the cortex_* files, the 3rd gets the
ykn_* files and the alphavme5a_* files are for the 4th type.

The files that go over into .btp are longer than the files that become
.tft type. This is because somtimes we receive bootable firmware which
has to be flashed after boot and sometimes the fw has to be updated &
flashed via mop or tftp before it can be started.

I hope this helps to conlude how to generate the MOP header for own .tft
files. Seems like only 1 or 2 bytes in the headers are different.

The file 'filesizes' contains only the sizessof the .sys files to check
that the mop header of same-size files are identical.

The file 'files' is an overview of all the files I have, especially the
name pairs.

I think an od -x on the mop headers together with the filesizes
with/without the header should help.

READ_ADDR.SYS is a real short tool for VAXes to display the MAC addr
before. It's header however is very different fron the firmware headers.

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