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Siggy Brentrup (bsb@olis.north.de)
02 Oct 1999 15:19:49 +0200

Warum stosse ich bloss immer auf sowas?


Hie ein kleiner Ausschnitt:

 Also, we are seriously considering changing some fundamental OS
features. The idea would be that function calls and features
suggesting evil and otherwise pagan ideas would be changed.

     references to "daemon"

 NOTE: we do not believe words are inherently bad. We simply do not
like these words because of their connotations in different
contexts. You do not have to agree, but you will not change our
minds. However, because this is not a point of religious contention
but of linguistics and meanings and associations, and because the
solution seems like the easiest one to implement, the current plan is
to provide symlinks, headers, macros, etc. so that the existing names
will still exist, but those who want to use alternate symbols (words)
can do so.


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