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Subject: Forwarded Info: Linux programmer's meeting, update #1
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Date: Thu, 3 Sep 1998 13:32:54 +0200 (MET DST)

Hallo wieder, liebe Zielgruppe,
anbei ein paar neue Infos zum in etwa 2 Wochen stattfindenden Linux/m68k-
(und andere) Programmierertreffen hier in Oldenburg. Wer sich noch gerne
anmelden moechte - es ist noch nicht zu spaet. :-)


--- cut here ---------------------

Hi there,

here's a first update on the programmer's meeting in ~ 2 weeks:

- Once more - just in case you didn't notice - the meeting had been moved
to the weekend 18th - 20th of September, NOT 11th-13th.

- I have put up the usual page with explanations on how to get here etc. at:

Those who haven't yet been with us in the last 2 years will need this.

- The following people have so far more or less reliably announced that
they'll come:
Ralf Koblenz (maybe)
Ingo Wilken
Geert Uytterhoeven
Peter de Schrijver
Joerg Dorchain
Bernd Harries
Arno Griffioen
Jes Soerensen
Geert Stappers
Roman Hodek
Markus Illenseer (NetBSD)
Andreas Gelhausen, Klaus Weber (maybe, NetBSD)
Stephan Kuhlmann (+Ulrich Neumann?)
Roman Zippel
Jesper Skov
(plus your host truly :-)

Additionally, I had a little bird whisper into my ear that James Troup
will probably make it as well, something I'd be very happy about.

There are still a few more people whom I'd have expected to at least
leave a note that they'll come around for a short visit (those who
live near Oldenburg - you know who you are). Maybe I'll hear from you
now :-).

Well, I can imagine anyway that some more of you will contact me really
soon now because you just read what famous people we have around here. :^).
Right now, the number of penguins attending the meeting will probably
be quite a bit larger than the number of human beings there. :-)

I also expect some local Linux enthusiasts to drop by for a short time
and see what's going on there. Those of them who read this: Please,
don't feed the programmers (unless asked to do so!).

- I'll try to finish one or more little surprises until then, but this is
something I can't say anything about now. :-)

- Needed hardware: Just yesterday I became lucky owner of an old diskless
Sparcstation 1+ which still seems to work. To make real use of it, I'd
need an AUI->BNC transceiver - if anyone can borrow one during the meeting
(and maybe sell it then), I'd be very happy. The machine has also just
got 8 MB of RAM right now, a bit more would be nice - so, if you find
some old 4M * 9(!! parity required!) 100ns or faster SIMMs, please take
them with you to the meeting (I'd need 8 of those).

- Provided hardware: Konrad Blum will be so kind to put his old faithful
Atari TT onto the meeting (but he wants it back afterwards! :-). We'll
be able to do test installations of Debian/m68k on it, and maybe other
experiments. Thanks Konrad! Roman Hodek said he'll bring a Riebl Ethernet
card with him so that this machine could even take part in the network.

- Those of you who come by train: Please contact me soon so I can coordinate
how to get you from the station (got some helpers here fortunately :-).
(Uhm..anyone coming by plane to Bremen? Maybe Bernd Harries will be able
to get you from there).

- As far as I can tell from the replies I got so far, everyone knows who
to get here or with whom to drive. If something has changed there and you
need a lift, shout now.

I believe that's all for now - more updates coming soon.


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