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Subject: Re: KDE: Standard GUI for Linux? - Debian leader replies
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Debian was chosen to be on an upcoming KDE CD-ROM.
The money we get from that CD will go to the GNOME project.
We expect that GNOME will be the eventual standard GUI for all free
software, not KDE. If you are not familiar with the GNOME project,
see http://www.gnome.org/ .

With the recent developements in GTK and GNOME, Qt is rapidly becoming
obsolete. And since GTK and GNOME are free software under the GPL,
there is a big incentive to use them instead of Qt, which has a license
that does not allow you to maintain it at all. If you ever need any
change, you are entirely at the mercy of Troll Tech. If you want to
port your program to something other than X, you have to pay Troll Tech
about $1200!

I understand that Red Hat has similar sentiments to Debian on this issue,
but I can't speak for them.

I would encourage all free software supporters to check out the GNOME
web site right away. Again, it's at http://www.gnome.org/ .


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