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From: Christian Weerts (
Date: Sun May 19 2002 - 18:08:33 CEST

* Martin Schulze <> [020519 16:39]:
> Christian Weerts wrote:
> > take a look at
> >
> > I've just uploaded the proposals for an Back-Cover.
> > The Sponsors honored although on this side.
> Instead of a grey swirl I'd rather see a red one, but maybe a dimmed
> red and not a light red so that one doesn't recognize other things.
> I like the DFSG background.

Maybe you're the only one? I've got no other comments on
Did you see the version of the background with
"Installation" and "Dokumentation"? I think the text and the
DFSG don't fit at one place.

> I wonder if the gradient background form lower right to upper left
> will be properly printed - as it's not printed properly on my
> screen...

Normally it should printed properly. The CD from last year
has also an gradient. Think about your viewer... ;)

> Oh, now I see, there's a red-swirl variant as well, could you dim the
> red a little bit to make it not burn into ones eyes? I guess that
> would be best.

Perhaps, but I think it's the "original Debian color" - so
why dim it? Should'nt it burn into the eyes to say "Hey, me
is including a real great distri for you! So, come on, get

> The "fade-Rand" variant sucks. Hmm, let me check it again. Maybe it
> does not suck, but I need to see it on a carton around a cd...
> However, the red swirl is missing at least. I could imagine that the
> fading Rand (=margin) could look quite nicely... We'd have to try.

Okay. I like the fading margins also. I'll see if time left.

I will only have the time to work _this evening_ on the
covers. On Monday I'll send the covers in RGB-Tiff to Grisu.
So if someone have comments - get in touch with me quickly!

> > The Front-Cover and the CD-Label not yet been updated
> > regarding the Sponsor logos.
> >
> > BTW. I got no reactions on the CD-Label. So, you mean it's
> > okay?
> Yes, only viewed it now.

Good. This will be the last version.


May the Source be with you...

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