Re: Back-Cover

From: Martin Schulze (
Date: Sun May 19 2002 - 18:35:29 CEST

Christian Weerts wrote:
> Did you see the version of the background with
> "Installation" and "Dokumentation"? I think the text and the
> DFSG don't fit at one place.

Yes, some 10 minutes ago.

> > I wonder if the gradient background form lower right to upper left
> > will be properly printed - as it's not printed properly on my
> > screen...
> Normally it should printed properly. The CD from last year
> has also an gradient. Think about your viewer... ;)

Gack! :)

This time the gradient was fine - think about your creator... :)

> > Oh, now I see, there's a red-swirl variant as well, could you dim the
> > red a little bit to make it not burn into ones eyes? I guess that
> > would be best.
> Perhaps, but I think it's the "original Debian color" - so
> why dim it? Should'nt it burn into the eyes to say "Hey, me
> is including a real great distri for you! So, come on, get
> me."?

I believe that it should have been dimmed slightly because the
intensity gap between foreground and background was too big and since
the background contained interesting bits at that time (the DFSG *is*



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