Re: Version 2 of CD Image

From: Tille, Andreas (
Date: Thu May 16 2002 - 08:34:05 CEST

On Thu, 16 May 2002, Joerg Jaspert wrote:

> :: That means: Still not german. If anyone has german files for this:
> :: Im happy to use them.
> * Removed-Packages: ...
> links, lynx, wget, arla-dev, arla-modules-source, asnparser,
I think at least one text browser links or lynx and for sure wget should
stay on the cd. Are they this big to not fit on?
(Ahh, forget about that and see below ...)

> ...
> libsl0-heimdal,libss0-heimdal, links, lynx, pgp4pine, kftgt,
No need to remove them twice ;-)

> :: Yes, i probably dont need to exclude all the lib packages, but it
> :: does not hurt to have them in the exclude file.
> * Added-Packages: ...
> rxvt, slrn, zapping, eterm, lyx, psi, gnomeicu, gnomba, parted,
        ^^^^ ^^^^^
Do we really need so many terminal emulators??? (Flames about that to
/dev/null ;-). )

> links-ssl, lynx-ssl, mgp, wget-ssl, xemacs21
        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^
Sane decision!

> Look at mozilla from sid and drop netscape (if it does not need to much
> from Sid).
> What about those security fix in mozilla rc2?
I just vote to drop netscape.

> Also drop most of -dev packages, I doubt that many end users
> would need them.

> Should i kill all other printer spoolers, we have cupsys included?

> :: A suggestion i get. Would save space, but is Cups usable for Newbies?
> In Progress:
> Kill all Documentation except en.
Hmm, LinuxTag is a German conference with potential German visitors, right?
Why not stick to German documentation and just leave the English where no
(up to date!) German replacement exists? Just an idea.

> :: I hope thats done. Except the en i rm it between make packages and
> :: make images :)
> Add de Documentation.

Thanks for your fine work!

Kind regards


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