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From: Joerg Jaspert (
Date: Wed May 15 2002 - 20:59:20 CEST

Michael Bramer <> writes:

>> It builds without an error. I got no problem reports until now.
>> So i think it does.
>> Ha, one person from IRC used it, so it work. :)
>> Next jigdo will be with -2 like the CD IMage.
> I use it too. BUt the download is not finished.

I now got 4 "It works" messages. So it works. :)

>> BTW: I got a mail that i should not change the names too often. :)
> I don't know the diskspace from p.d.o. But you should not remove the old
> images and 'never' remove the jigdo files

Ok. I just made a little "Readme.Debian-admin" in my Homedir explaining
my disk-usage. :)

>> But i dont know if thats the best. I dont want people to be frustrated
>> about useless big downloads, so give me hints to make it better if
>> thats bad.
> There is no useless download. See the -c option from wget.

Yes. And rsync can transfer only the changes.
But if one just mirrors my rsync server with he
probably just downloads the old raw, the new raw and the symlink.
Hmm, ok, then i kill that rsync. :)

BTW: If i have image.raw, image-2.raw and a symlink current.raw. The symlink first
points to image.raw (at that time there is no image-2.raw). I now
create image-2.raw and point the symlink there.
Anyone with rsync on current.raw transfers only changes between the
images or just a dangling symlink?

>> BTW2: I got many Private Mails today. Im working on them all, next
>> Image will be prepared today. I also done some work yesterday. Look
>> into the Changelog. I try to keep at least ChangeLog and Todo actual,
>> so you always know what Im doing. But next Image is on the way. This
>> Evening. :)
> maybe you should send this mail to the list...

There was a CC to this list?!

> Or you should remove your email-adresse from the rsync comment...

Hehe, no.
Some people dont like lists. :)

debian-cd is running to build the next image. If thats usable i post
the (BIG) ChangeLog here and announce it.
If not i need an extra hour. :)

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