Re: Debian @ Wizard of OS 2

From: Steffen Evers (
Date: Tue Oct 09 2001 - 20:05:53 CEST

On the WOS II timetable there are two slots reserved for Debian Project
(with Frank Ronneburg & BUUG as performer) on Saturday, 13th Oct, 13h-14h
and 14h-15h in room K2.

I have not heard anything from Frank or anyone else if this time table
is valid or this slots have been replaced by someone else.

I hope Frank will reply to this mail.

As well, there is still the lack of a real Debian developer. It would be
nice if Joey would attend it, but as I know how much stuff Joey
processes all the time, I suggest you (Joey) only come over to Berlin
when you are in the mood. If no one else steps forward I will handle
this on my own and ask hereby for any useful highlights and accurate
numbers (ports, developers, packages, derived distributions, users, etc.)
of the Debian project. This would not replace a Debian developer, but it
would stop me from telling to much nonsense :-).

Anyway, until I hear anything else I will assume to maintain a one
hour workshop on Saturday 13h-14h in room K2 on my own :-(.

If I get stuck because of a lack of knowledge about Debian I will simple
move the topic over to my main subject: "open source/free software
developement process in general". I can talk for hours about this one. :-)

I can also handle a booth from time to time as well, but not all the
time and as I have no car I cannot bring any equipment in.

Cheers, Steffen

On Sun, Oct 07, 2001 at 21:21, Martin Schulze wrote:
> Nochmal zur Wizard of OS!
> Talks
> The Debian Project will participate the conference by running a
> Question & Answer session, maintained by Steffen Evers. Steffen,
> though, can't run this session on his own. He requires help from
> at least one Debian developer.
> If time and rooms permit, this could be organized as a two-item
> session, with the first 30 minutes of regular talk, describing
> Debian, the project, how porting is done, how dependencies are
> handled, how we manage to compile things on 12+ architectures and
> still keep things in sync mostly.
> If it's not doable otherwise, I would eventually have to reconsider
> attending, but that'll hurt me...
> Frank, could you tell which slots are still not bound?
> Booths
> We can run a booth if there are people around who will staff and
> maintain the booth. Woglinde has already volunteered, anybody
> else?
> Posters
> I'm not sure if I'll be able to fiddle with posters in time and be
> able to send them to Woglinde. It'll be helpful if somebody in
> Berlin could print out A1 posters (I have source for a couple of
> posters (LaTeX)).
> I have summarized information about our participation on a web page:
> as well as on
> > 3. Wer haette Lust, kurzfristig einen Vortrag zu halten und ueber
> > welches Thema? Hier ein paar Vorschlaege:
> >
> > - Debian-Projekt (Aufbau, Arbeit, Produkte, Koordination etc.)
> > - Debian-Installation
> > - Debian-System (FHS, Programme, Interaktion, Pakete etc.)
> > - Debian-Administration (Besonderheiten, day-to-day work)
> > - Debian-Portierung (non-i386-Architekturen, buildd, Listen, Treffen)
> >
> > 4. Wer haette Lust, Zeit und Rechner+Monitor, um einen Stand zu
> > betreuen?
> Regards,
> Joey

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