Re: Debian @ Wizard of OS 2

From: Martin Schulze (
Date: Tue Oct 09 2001 - 20:37:05 CEST

Steffen Evers wrote:
> On the WOS II timetable there are two slots reserved for Debian Project
> (with Frank Ronneburg & BUUG as performer) on Saturday, 13th Oct, 13h-14h
> and 14h-15h in room K2.
> I have not heard anything from Frank or anyone else if this time table
> is valid or this slots have been replaced by someone else.
> I hope Frank will reply to this mail.
> As well, there is still the lack of a real Debian developer. It would be
> nice if Joey would attend it, but as I know how much stuff Joey
> processes all the time, I suggest you (Joey) only come over to Berlin
> when you are in the mood. If no one else steps forward I will handle
> this on my own and ask hereby for any useful highlights and accurate
> numbers (ports, developers, packages, derived distributions, users, etc.)
> of the Debian project. This would not replace a Debian developer, but it
> would stop me from telling to much nonsense :-).

Saturday is a NOGO anyway, due to family issues.

> Anyway, until I hear anything else I will assume to maintain a one
> hour workshop on Saturday 13h-14h in room K2 on my own :-(.

Henning Heinold will be around at least. However, if there should
be a booth, he'll probably be there, but you should be able to get
ahold of him.

> If I get stuck because of a lack of knowledge about Debian I will simple
> move the topic over to my main subject: "open source/free software
> developement process in general". I can talk for hours about this one. :-)




There are lies, statistics and benchmarks.

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