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From: Michel Dänzer (
Date: Thu Jun 28 2001 - 12:17:49 CEST

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    Gerfried Fuchs wrote:

    > Michael, please just mail to the list. There is no need to mail people
    > directly if they haven't asked for it. There's even a header that tells
    > you that you shouldn't -- Mail-Followup-To:
    > Although your netscape doesn't understand it internally it might tell
    > you that you should refrain from sending both to the list and me
    > personally.

    Gerfried, first of all, my name is Michel. My apologies for bothering you with
    two copies of my post - replying to both the sender and list is policy on the
    vast majority of lists I'm subscribed to, so most of the time I just hit
    'Reply All' and forget. Just like you wrote 'Michael' and forgot.

    > On Wed, Jun 27, 2001, Michel Dänzer wrote:
    > > Does it even work for you currently in testing? I couldn't get it to work
    > > on my i386 box at work, not on another one running Susi 7.2 either. I've
    > > submitted a bug.
    > I can't say for testing for I'm personally using unstable and it works
    > there, but I'm quite sure, it's the same version in testing like in
    > unstable. Your problem must reside somewhere else.

    I almost expected that, but I can't think of anything, any ideas? I know this
    is OT...

    > If you are saying that you can't get it running on your SuSE - do I get
    > you right that you are not using the debian-packages? There are
    > packages available that work quite well.

    Thanks, my work box is running Debian testing and I apt-get installed xblast.
    My colleague's box is running SuSE 7.2 and he installed the SuSE package (he
    didn't know until I told him about xblast though ;). Interestingly, both show
    the exact same problem, which can be seen in my bug report.

    Anyway, I'm glad it works for you, and I'm sure it would be a good means to
    get people's attention.

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