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From: Christian Kurz (
Date: Wed Jun 20 2001 - 22:41:04 CEST

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    On 01-06-20 Alexander Reelsen wrote:
    > On Wed, Jun 20, 2001 at 02:27:19PM +0200, Michael Meskes wrote:
    > > On Wed, Jun 20, 2001 at 01:23:06PM +0200, Joost van Baal wrote:
    > > > I didn't mean that literally. Sorry for being unclear. What do you mean
    > > > by 'looking more professional'? Wearing the same Debian Tshirts maybe?
    > > For instance that would be a good idea.
    > Are you serious? This is gonna be a Open Source/Free Software pavillon
    > (choose whatever you like) booth and not Uncle Sam's army show... :)

    Well, but if all people staffing the booth have the same outfit (same
    T-Shirt) it will be easier for visitors to identify those people. And a
    lot of visitors don't want to start guessing who could be a contact
    person for this booth and who not. They want to have an obvious
    identification and contact those people regarding their questions.

    > The best would be to like yourself and not like someone you should look to
    > others to. This is no professional advertising, but free one.

    Which doesn't contradict in my opinion that the booth itself has a bit
    more "professionel" look and that the staff is easy to identify.

    > > > I believe the fact that Debian booth people are non-paid volunteers
    > > > gives less room for things like booth policies. (Which doesn't mean we
    > > > couldn't agree on such a thing, of course.) The fact there generally is
    > > > less money for a Debian booth than for e.g. a HP booth, also contributes
    > > > to the difference in appearance.
    > > Sure. It should look like an open source project and nothing else but the
    > > booth should look friendly enough that business visitors won't be afraid to
    > > come by. My impression last year was that there were lots of freaks at the
    > > booth who mainly talked to each other. If I had less knowledge myself I
    > > would probably have been afraid to even ask something. And the answer would
    > > probably have been to technical anyway.
    > The problem was the amount of people rather than their t-shirts I presume.

    Hm, where did Michael talk about the T-Shirts? He talked about the image
    of the booth that you got from walking past it.

    > Furthermore I don't think visitors think of debian people as daemons when

    But I think that lots of people are afraid to go to such an crowded
    booth and start seeking for contact person. They are afraid to get just
    some technical explanations which they don't understand instead of
    simple explanations that help them.

    > walking past the booth. But anyway, the problem with too much people just
    > exists, and we need to get it straight this time.

    And that's why I wrote the eMail that seems to be responsible for
    starting this discussion. And I hope we get some good compromise for
    everyone, especially since I heared that this year the booth will be
    smaller then last year. (A map can be found at

    > > Note, that this is mostly a gut feeling, nothing against anyone special.

    > > I think on most trade shows we have a crowded Debian booth, but it is mostly
    > > crowded with Debian people. I would love to see it crowded with non-Debian
    > > people who then can see how good the Debian system is.
    > That's why Joey created the Debian Chillout area aka the debian day i
    > guess ;-)...

    Which won't help, as I expect that most visitors will come on Saturday
    and maybe on Sunday. And not on Friday when the Debian Day will take


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