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From: Roland Bauerschmidt (
Date: Fri Jun 01 2001 - 03:29:24 CEST

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    I am sorry to say this, but unfortunately we don't have much yet. I am
    pretty busy this week, and will probably not have much spare time for
    this until June 10th. It's too bad that this is not further away from
    Linuxtag. Sorry for that. :(

    What we have so far is:
     - sponsors that would pay for the CDs in case we manage to get the
       master ready in time (which would be really soon)
     - some experimenting with building woody CDs without any testing at all
       unfortunately; first I build some w/o non-US on gluck, and later on
       Torsten's server. The debian-cd snapshot from CVS probably needs to
       be patched (or just updated?) to get rid of the woody-secured stuff
       since apt-cdrom is supposed to get confused because of it
     - boot floppies: a dark side; I don't even know if this image would
       install; apparently there are some woody boot floppies available
       (which the "test"-cds use), but I don't know if it would be suitable
       for use at all. In the last weeks I didn't keep up with debian-boot
       anymore, and last point I remember is somebody installing woody with
       woody bfs after some hacking on them

    What do we need to do?
     - somebody needs to go through the list of packages from last years CD
       ( and sort out which
       packages we should include on this year's CD
     - somebody (the more people the better) needs to do some testing with
       the woody bfs and if can use them at all; If we would use potato
       bfs we'd probably have to do some other hacking like building a woody
       base system, right?

    My involvement
     - As I said before, my time right now is sort of limited. If no people
       speak up to help (and do testing), I guess that there won't be a CD.
       I would be willing to help contribute to the CD, but before June 10th
       I won't be able to spend a whole lot of time on it, so some major
       contributions (and the actual mastering of the CD) needs to be done
       by other people.

    I am sorry I didn't tell you earlier, but I tried to push it from one
    day to the other in the hope of finding more time to work on it. Sorry.

    So, people speak up! I think it'd be great to have a CD this year, but I
    must admit that last year we probably were a lot further at this point
    of time.

    Roland (who will arrive back in Germany on June 10th)

    Roland Bauerschmidt

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