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From: Eduard Bloch (
Date: Fri Jun 01 2001 - 00:19:12 CEST

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    having discussed about the new lt2k1-CD with ref and Joey on
    yesterday, we decided that in the current situation (BF's not ready and
    probably won't be to the right time), the best solution is to use a
    Potato-CD similar to the last year ones. Some upgrades should be on this

    task-kde + Deps = 31355457 ~ 32MB
    Mozilla + Dep's ~ 10MB
    task-gnome* = 29376062 ~ 30MB
    cbotha's Xfree-4.0.3 = 40124776 ~40MB
    A.Bunk's 2.4.x kompatible Upgrades = 113741368 ~11MB
    Summe: ca. 123MB

    The summs above are estimated using quick-hacked one-liners, I can not
    guarantee the correctness. I also have no idea which packages in Potato
    can be completeley replaced by this upgrades so the correct calculation
    must be done comparing Potato's Packages file and the files from the
    series listed above.

    Roland, could you provide us with more information?

    Another thing: I have an idea for the CD cover, but we need people that
    can draw thing more realistic than I ever could do. I imagined a cover
    similar to the last one, but instead of the package listings in the
    backround, there is aa simple tree structure symbolizing the tree of
    dependencies, and on some external leafs of this tree are sitting the
    "Mozilla", this KDE-kide, a gnome, antilope (GNU) on the "base" leaf,
    probably other characters from important free projects (Tex-lion?).


    /* perl -pe '$max += $1 if /Size: (.*)$/; print $max; $_ = "\n"'
    (for x in `grep-available task-gnome | grep Depends: | cut -f2 -d":" | tr "," " "` ; do apt-cache show $x ; done) | sort | uniq | grep ^Size > /tmp/tmp
    for x in `apt-cache show task-kde | grep Depends: | cut -f2 -d":" | tr "," " "` ; do apt-cache show $x ; done > /tmp/tmp

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