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Date: Sun Jan 28 2001 - 23:08:57 CET

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    Martin Schulze wrote:
    > Is anybody interested?
    > If it is required I could talk to Sky Events wrt a booth, but there
    > have to be people staffing and stuffing the booth.
    > Frederic wrote:
    > > Please do not forget Debain BOOTH at Linux EXPO PARIS 20001 at "la
    > > defense PARIS FRANCE".
    > >
    > > like last year we distribute Debian CD, present the debian project, a
    > > hurd demo too...
    > >
    > > bst regards.
    > > FRederic CELLA
    > Regards,

    It false, i am a debian developper since 3 years i gice my pgp key to
    wichert when we dinner together in 1999 at PARIS.

    Last year we made a demo of Real-time linux, we distribute for free 1000
    Pcs of slink and show a unstable potato and give a lot of explanations.

    We meet a lot of people of debian france, i was too a Bordeaux last
    year, i will comme again this year... i do need a debian email to say
    that i am a debian developper, i give all package that i maintain to
    people who want BE a DEbian developper.

    Well, bst regards.

    > Joey
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