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Date: Sun Jan 28 2001 - 21:31:23 CET

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    I'll try to keep this list updated and posted every now and then.
    If you want to help out at one or the other events contact the
    proper person or me.

    Linux Events 2001

    Jan 28 Linux Expo Paris, Paris, France
    Feb 3/4 Open Source Developer Meeting, Bruxelles, Belgium
    Mar 21-24 Linux Conference/LinuxWorld, Singapore
    Mar 22-28 CeBIT, Hannover, Germany
    Apr 6-8 Guadec, Kopenhagen, Denmark
    Apr 23 Linux Expo Road Show, Praha, Czech (only conference)
    Apr 24 Linux Expo Road Show, Budapest, Hungary (only conference)
    Apr 25 Linux Expo Road Show, Warsaw, Poland (only conference)
    Apr 26-28 Linux Expo Road Show, Moscow, Russia
    May 4-6 Braunschweiger Linux-Tage, Braunschweig, Germany
    May 10/11 Chemnitzer Linux-Tag, Chemnitz, Germany
    May 18/19 Magdebuger Linuxtage, Magdeburg, Germany
    May 19/20 Linux Infotage, Berlin, Germany
    Jul 2-5 Debian Conference, Bordeaux, France
    Jul 4-8 Libre Software Meeting, Bordeaux, France
    Jul 5-8 LinuxTag, Stuttgart Germany
    Oct 15-19 Systems, Munich, Germany



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