Re: Linux Expo Amsterdam/Things to bring

From: Martin Schulze (
Date: Sat Jan 20 2001 - 23:43:35 CET

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    J.A. Bezemer wrote:
    > On Fri, 12 Jan 2001, Paul Slootman wrote:
    > > Is there any update on a wheelbarrow or something to
    > > transport equipment from/to car? Would the RAI have
    > > something available?
    > I suppose it's possible to park somewhere close to the show floor; booth
    > equipment of big companies usually is just as big and heavy.
    > Still: can anyone bring something on wheels that can carry a heavy monitor?

    Hint: If it is a professional exhibition ground etc. you should be able
    to borrow a spare one from other exhibitors if you bring it back quick.



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