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From: J.A. Bezemer (
Date: Sat Jan 20 2001 - 22:12:56 CET

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    On Fri, 12 Jan 2001, Paul Slootman wrote:

    > Is there any update on a wheelbarrow or something to
    > transport equipment from/to car? Would the RAI have
    > something available?

    I suppose it's possible to park somewhere close to the show floor; booth
    equipment of big companies usually is just as big and heavy.

    Still: can anyone bring something on wheels that can carry a heavy monitor?

    BTW Paul: when exactly do you plan to be at the RAI?

    And we also still need some (i.e. 3) chairs, some folding "kitchen" or
    "garden" variety would be easiest to carry (if you know what I mean). I don't
    have those. Anyone?

    Networking: as you know we won't have Internet, but we can set up a little LAN
    just for fun. The things I'll bring have BNC & UTP (i.e. dual) 10Mbit. I can
    bring a few coax cables, but only one very short UTP cable. No hub. What
    network connections do other machines have?

    Power: if everyone can bring a few power cords etc, it should be possible to
    connect everything ;-)

      Anne Bezemer

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