Re: LinuxTag - Call for Papers

From: Stefan Gybas (
Date: Sat Jan 20 2001 - 13:37:37 CET

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    Martin Schulze wrote:

    > I'd appreciate if there would be a general talk about Debian. I would
    > love to give it on my own, but since I'm co-organizing the event that
    > would not be the best, I guess.

    The talks for beginners last year were not very well vistied so I'd like
    to do a "more advanced" talk this year (not at the Debian Day but as a
    "regular talk"). I'm thinking of something like "news from the Debian
    distribution" for Debian users with these points:

    - the testing distribution and package pools
    - design and features of the new installer
    - new ports to other architectures
    - newly added or updated packages in the next release (new libc, XFree 4, ...)
    - features of commercial distributions that are based on Debian
    - possible release goals for the next release (debconf, IPv6, ...)
    - changes to the internal structures (New Maintainer)
    - what to expect in the future from the Debian distribution

    This will give an overview of recent changes to the Debian distribution,
    the talks at the Debian Day will be more detailed, of course.

    I have not yet decided if the talk should be in English or German. What
    are your opinions about this and the talk in general?

    Stefan Gybas

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