Re: Linux Expo Amsterdam

From: Paul Slootman (
Date: Fri Jan 05 2001 - 17:36:39 CET

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    On Thu 21 Dec 2000, Martin Schulze wrote:
    > Paul Slootman wrote:

    > > the conferences? (The Expo itself is free, the conferences are not --
    > > 250 guilders!) How about parking space? Parking a car in the RAI is very
    > > expensive IIRC.
    > Regarding car: Try to unload stuff and move the car(s) out of the way
    > and use features of public transportation.

    I can tell you're not familiar with Amsterdam then :-) The wheel
    clampers are waiting around every corner for a car parked illegally or
    with an expired parking meter. Even many Amsterdam residents can't get a
    permit to park their car in their own street. It's anti-car terrorism.
    Alternative is to park the car at least 30 minutes away. I think the
    best choice for me is to simply park in the building (and try to declare
    them as expenses to by boss).

    Paul Slootman


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