Re: Vorfuehrungen LinuxTag

Subject: Re: Vorfuehrungen LinuxTag
From: Goswin Brederlow (
Date: Wed Jun 14 2000 - 01:04:57 CEST

>>>>> " " == Alexander Reelsen <> writes:

> Hi On Tue, Jun 13, 2000 at 05:06:43PM +0200, Martin Schulze
> wrote:
>> habt ihr euch mal ueberlegt, was auf dem Stand vorgefuehrt
>> werden soll? Oder wollt ihr nur 10 Rechner hinstellen und
>> Linux generell zeigen?
> This question just raised here again. Currently I am not
> counting 10 pcs, but only 3-4 instead.

> Amiga 3000 ---> potato from Frank Neumann
> SparcStation 1+ ---> potato from Frank Neumann
> Digital AlphaStation 200 4/166 ---> potato from Roland Rosenfeld
> Laptop ---> potato from Henning Heinold (he just told me this is not sure)

I could bring a Laptop (Celeron 466/15 Zoll/128Mb) and a P200/64Mb
(without Monitor). Potato like all my systems :).

If someone drives me from Tuebingen to Stuttgart and back I could also
offer a Alpha (Ruffian 533MHz) and an Amiga 4000 PowerUP (PPC 604/200)
with Monitors. Transport would be the problem here.

A up-to-date potato mirror would be included, so installing anything
missing on the fly wouldn't be a problem (I would have to start
mirroring sparc, if wanted).


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