Re: Vorfuehrungen LinuxTag

Subject: Re: Vorfuehrungen LinuxTag
From: Frank Neumann (
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 18:02:45 CEST

Alexander wrote:

> Currently I am not counting 10 pcs, but only 3-4 instead.
> Amiga 3000 ---> potato from Frank Neumann
> SparcStation 1+ ---> potato from Frank Neumann
> Digital AlphaStation 200 4/166 ---> potato from Roland Rosenfeld
> Laptop ---> potato from Henning Heinold (he just told me this is not
> sure)
> Some questions/statements to the above situation:
> - As Frank goes one day before the linuxtag ends, we will not have his
> two PC's for that. We need replacements for them. Anyone?

I'll at least take the Amiga with me, as it also contains a good deal of
private data that I cannot backup/erase easily. As for the Sparc, I can leave
it there and someone else from Karlsruhe (like Juergen Erhard - don't know
with whom he'll drive) could take that machine back with him on Sunday.
Of course, I'll take my monitor with me already on Saturday as well.
Is there any chance that the Messe AG of Stuttgart or someone from LinuxTag
e.V. is providing monitors?

> Now, what can be shown on the PC's?
> First of all, my intent had been to show some debian package managers,
> which are not natively debian, like sl-stormpkg and the corel tool, along
> with gnome-apt (if it still exists), dselect, capt and stock dpkg.
> Then a PC with a self-repeating mgp presentation would possibly be nice.
> However I do not have the time and capability to make a presentation what
> attracts the masses. Anyone else?

I did a mgp presentation last year for the LinuxTag though it was not used
there (it was much rather a slideshow to accompany a lecture). It's e.g.
at I don't know right now
how this cuold be modified into a self-running demo (that is, with certain
timeouts after each slide), but anyone able to do that is free to try so.

Such a demo could also run on a less powerful machine - I believe the
resources mgp requires are not all that high.


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