Re: non-free Packages

Subject: Re: non-free Packages
From: Marcelo E. Magallon (
Date: Wed May 24 2000 - 13:02:24 CEST

>> Roland Bauerschmidt <> writes:

> acroread


> communicator-base-472
> communicator-nethelp-472
> communicator-smotif-472
> communicator-spellchk-472

hmmm... *IANAL*

<B>2. License Grant. </B> (a) Netscape grants to Applicant, subject to
these terms and conditions, a nonexclusive, royalty-free, and
nontransferable right to (i) reproduce, without change, the standard
Netscape client products in executable form only on any media; and
(ii) distribute by sublicense such standard Netscape client product
copies to end users, directly or through distributors. Applicant may
electronically distribute the standard Netscape client product, in
exportable version only, pursuant to the terms and conditions set
forth herein.

Netscape did something wrt to this license, something along the lines
of NS being now free or something, didn't they? Or does that apply
just to NS6?

> fortify
> fortify-linux-x86

> gimp-nonfree


> glimpse

> gpg-idea
> gpg-rsa


> gs-aladdin

> gsfonts-other

> jdk1.1
> jdk1.1-dev
> jdk1.1-native
> jdk1.1-native-dev

Licensee may make one archival copy of the Software and may
re-distribute complete, unmodified copies of the Software to software
developers within Licensee's organization to avoid unnecessary
download time, provided that this License conspicuously appear with
all copies of the Software. Except for the foregoing, Licensee may not
re-distribute the Software in whole or in part, either separately or
included with a product.

Again, IANAL, but I would say "no".

> libforms0.89

You may not "bundle" and distribute this software with commercial
systems and/or other distribution media without prior consent of the
authors. The only exception is for Linux CD distribution of free
software that requires xforms and in that case, xforms can be bundled
and repackaged.


> libmagick4-lzw-dev
> libmagick4g-lzw


> mpg123

patent (which happens to be valid in Germany)

> navigator-base-472
> navigator-nethelp-472
> navigator-smotif-472

see above

> netpbm-nonfree


> netscape-base-472
> netscape-java-472

see above

> pgp-i
> pgp5i

Hmmm... patent, I'd guess (can't find the copyright file on Is this really necessary? There's gnupg, and
it works. I'd say ditch this.

> tetex-nonfree

Pandora's box. There's multiple licenses in there...

> tin

uh... Go figure...

You may freely copy or redistribute this software, so long as there is
no profit made from its use, sale trade or reproduction.

I'd say ok.

> unarj


> unzip
> unzip-crypt

whoa, nice mismatch of copyrights there... don't know

> xanim

thousands of patent issues?

Shaya Potter writes

> Well the subjet line basically says it all. Can xanim be distributed on
> CD in binary form if we provide the copyright notice unpacked from the
> binary, which says commercial use is prohibited? I'm asking this b/c
> even though I put it in the non-free section of the debian distribution,
> some non-free packages can still be distributed on CD for a variety of
> reasons.
> Just Wondering,

Yes, that sounds feasible. I can agree to that :^)


> xearth

isn't there an xplanet or something like that?

    Permission to use, copy, modify and freely distribute xearth for
    non-commercial and not-for-profit purposes is hereby granted
    without fee, provided that both the above copyright notice and
    this permission notice appear in all copies and in supporting


> xserver-rage128

/me larts Vincent

No idea, can't figure the reason for this to be in non-free from the
copyright file alone.

> xserver-sis


> xv
> xv-doc


Permission to copy and distribute XV in its entirety, for
non-commercial purposes, is hereby granted without fee, provided that
this license information and copyright notice appear in all copies.

If you redistribute XV, the *entire* contents of this distribution
must be distributed, including the README, and INSTALL files, the
sources, and the complete contents of the 'docs' directory.


I haven't said any of this... this email is a byproduct of your
twisted imagination.


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