Re: CD-Coverdesign, 1st draft..

Subject: Re: CD-Coverdesign, 1st draft..
From: Roland Rosenfeld (
Date: Mon May 22 2000 - 22:17:25 CEST

Frank Neumann schrieb am Montag, den 22. Mai 2000:

> a first draft/suggestion for the cover of the Debian CD can be
> checked out at

Looks very nice!

> This image currently lacks:
> - a hint at ID-Pro (I still need a small graphic of their logo from them;
> waiting for it)
> - The official LinuxTag logo - I could add that somewhere at the top.
> - The it really necessary? Tell me what you think.

- A version number ("2.2" and/or "potato"). Yes I know, that there is
  "Sonderausgabe zum LinuxTag 2000 in Stuttgart" on the top, but this
  doesn't relate to the usual Debian version numbering scheme, which
  may confuse users.



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