cvs tricks

Subject: cvs tricks
From: Michael Ang (
Date: Wed Feb 09 2000 - 01:51:04 CET

update to latest working version, get newly add dirs
  cvs up -Ad
get linus' 2.3.42 version of a file
  cvs up -rlinus2342 somefile
  (need to do "cvs up -A" to get back to latest version)

between current version and linus2342
  cvs di -rlinus2342
our changes
  cvs di -r1.1 -rLINUS_2342_PREMERGE
linus' changes from 2.3.29 to 2.3.42
  cvs di -rlinus2329 -rlinus2342
changes we've made since checking in 2.3.42 sources to tip
  cvs di -rLINUS_2342_FIXUP_START -rHEAD

merge in linus' changes
  cvs up -jrlinus2329 -jlinus2342

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