Searching for HP9000/425 and HP Apollo A1630 docs

Martin Schulze (joey)
Mon, 25 Oct 1999 11:28:28 +0200


firstly, I'm sorry for being off-topic. However, since some HP
employees are reading this list it was suggested that I ask here.

I have aquired two HP9000/425dl (processor: 68040/25) machines on
which I'd like to run Linux. I'm working on it with a friend who's
got a similar machine, HP Apollo A1630 model 425t and a HP Apollo
A1630 model 400t with 68030 processor. The machines have these
framebuffers: A1416A, A1924 and A1630. At the moment we get the
machine boot but the kernel dies afterwards, for sure.

In order to get Linux support those boxes we would need hardware
documentation of these machines. We would be *very* glad and thankful
if somebody from HP would remember these machines.



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