sound mit cmi8738

Subject: sound mit cmi8738
From: David Backhausen (
Date: Wed Apr 19 2000 - 12:40:20 CEST

ich habe einen cmi8738 on-board chip von c-media electronics.
ich versuche den treiber (in der suse version 6.4) wie in der readme beschrieben zu installieren.
bei dem befehl "# make menuconfig" im Absats 4 kommt die fehlermeldung: "no rules to make target `menuconconfig . stop. "
was mach ich falsch?
      CMI8x38 Driver For S.u.S.E 6.1 Installation Steps


      1. S.u.S.E 6.1 does not have CMI8x38 Driver built-in.

      2. Copy the sound card driver to “/usr/src/linux/drivers/sound” directory.

              Suppose the driver is provided in a floppy disk, execute the mount floppy command to read the content of disk.

      #mount –t msdos /dev/fd0 /floppy

              Copy the driver to the following directory (example given in “cp” command in console):

      #cp /mnt/floppy/cmpci-2.41.tar.gz /usr/src/linux/drivers/sound

      3. Decompress the driver files

      Locate the directory where Sound Driver is situated.

      #cd usr/src/linux/drivers/sound

      Execute the “tar” command to decompress the driver files:

      #tar xvzf cmpci-2.41.tar.gz

      4. Build Driver

      #cd /usr/src/linux

      #make menuconfig

            Linux Kernel Configuration

            <M>Support for CMEDIA PCI audio Chips

            Press “M” to edit and configure this item as a module
            Exit and save the configuration

      #make dep

      #make modules

      #make modules_install

      #depmod –a

      5. Configuring the 4 channels parameters:

      Use the vi text-editor to modify the /etc/conf.modules configuraiton file.

      #vi /etc/conf.modules

      Execute the “a” command to modify and add-in the following line:

      ”options cmpci four_ch=1”

      Press ESC and key in “:wq” to save and exit the vi editor


      6. Reboot your system when configuration is done.



      7. Manually load CMI8x38 driver.

      #modprobe cmpci


      8. Execute the “play” command to test Wave files. You should be able to hear 4 channel sound effect.

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