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Subject: Bibliothek gesucht
From: Johannes Nix (
Date: Wed Feb 02 2000 - 17:49:25 CET


ich schreibe an diversen numerischen Programmen (Echtzeit-Audioverarbeitung)
und moechte Werte zur Laufzeit ausgeben, z.B. zweidimensionale oder
dreidimensionale Diagramme. ich haette gern eine Bibliothek, welche so weitgehende
graphische Faehigkeiten hat wie Gnuplot, Matlab oder Maple, aber es soll
sehr schnell sein und moeglichst simpel zu benutzen. Sie sollte auch
qualitativ gute Postscript-Dateien erzeugen koennen, am besten auch PNG und
Windows-kompatible Formate. Traumhaft waere es,
wenn man noch zur Laufzeit Eigenschaften ueber eine grafische
oder Kommandozeilenschnittstelle veraendern koennte, oder wenn sogar
LaTeX Zeichensaetze in der Postscript-Ausgabe benutzt werden koennten.
Offensichtlich waere es nicht schlau, sowas nochmal neu zu erfinden,
nur was nehmen?

Im SAL-Archiv http://SAL.KachinaTech.COM/index.shtml
findet sich da z.B. folgendes:

   [AT-red_x.gif] 74% SAL- Computer Graphics, Images & Signals - Misc -
   Summary: XMove XMove is an object-oriented tool for the development of
       dynamic graphic applications. The field of applications comprises
       all visualization tasks where the graphic representation of
       information or processes has to change continually according to
       the real process and the data flow generated by the application,
       and/or where the user wants to control a process by mouse-click on
       graphical objects.

   [AT-red_x.gif] 74% SAL- Programming - Other Graphic Libraries - g2
   Summary: g2 g2 is an easy to use, portable and powerful 2D graphics
       library. It provides a comprehensive set of functions for
       simultaneous generation of graphical output on different types of

hat da jemand Erfahrungen mit?

weiterhin gibt es da folgende etwas erschlagende Liste:
   ACE/gr (xmgr, xvgr) -- general 2D XY plotting package with mouse
   AIPS [GPL] -- calibration, data analysis, image display, plotting on
   astronomical data.
   AIPS++ [GPL] -- astronomical information processing system.
   NEW ANA -- extensive, interactive data and image processing software
   package and language.
   ASGL -- preparing PostScript plots from simple data files.
   AVS5 [CM] -- powerful software suite for data visualization and
   BIRCH -- clustering and density analysis for any large dataset using
   limited computational resources.
   Candis -- general purpose analysis and display system for gridded
   numerical data.
   chart [GPL] -- simple, non-interactive program for drawing data
   CViz -- Java based visualization tool for high-dimensional, large,
   complex data sets.
   DATAPLOT -- command driven program for data analysis.
   DAVID -- data visualization and diagnostics system.
   DEVise -- an environment for data exploration and visualization.
   diag [GPL] -- converts numeric data, written in an ASCII-file into a
   diagram in EPS-format.
   Draco -- data reduction and analysis.
   Envision -- management and display of large multi-dimensional arrays
   of numerical data.
   FC-Plot [GPL] -- a scientific analysis/visualization tool for
   Ferret -- a visualization and analysis application for analyzing large
   and complex gridded data sets.
   FPLOT -- plot ASCII data file into postscript file for printing or
   frame_integrate -- programs for viewing/integrating 2D x-ray or
   neutron diffraction images.
   FTOOLS -- utility programs used to create, examine, or modify the FITS
   data files.
   fv -- a graphical tool for viewing and editing the FITS format file.
   Genplot [CM] -- powerful and flexible plotting package for
   scientific/engineering data.
   GiD [CM] -- a universal, adaptative and friendly pre/post-processing
   system for engineers.
   GLE -- publication quality graphs, diagrams, posters and slides.
   Glove -- data acquisition, manipulation and analysis program for
   GMT -- manipulating data sets and generating plots.
   GMV -- an easy to use, 3D visualization tool for data of structured or
   unstructured mesh.
   Gnuplot -- visualize mathematical functions and data.
   Xgfe [GPL] -- a GUI front end to the Gnuplot plotting package written
   with Qt library.
   GPLOT -- a CGM (Computer Graphics Metafile) processor.
   Grace [GPL] -- an easy to use and powerful 2D plotting software.
   Gri [GPL] -- programming language for drawing science-style graphs.
   GTKWave [GPL] -- a wave viewer which reads AET files and allows their
   Guppi [GPL] -- plotting data and performing simple statistical
   manipulations with GUI.
   HDFLook -- a comprehensive application for viewing NCSA HDF science
   Histo-Scope/NPlot -- tools to select and display histograms, ntuples,
   and scalar variables.
   Horizon -- a Java package for browsing and visualizing scientific
   NCSA HDF Java -- Java HDF Interface (JHI) and Java-based HDF Viewer
   IRIS Explorer [CM] -- a powerful visual programming system for data
   jgraph [GPL] -- filter for graph plotting to postscript.
   kpl [GPL] -- two-dimensional graphical presentation of data sets and
   KPlotW/KPlot [GPL] -- a plotting widget and an interface to it.
   Khoros Pro 2000 VPE [CM] -- visual prototyping environment for data
   KUPLOT -- an universal plotting program for 2D and 3D data sets.
   LinkWinds -- visual data exploration system.
   Mesh-TV -- visualizing and analyzing data on 2D and 3D meshes
   Mgraph -- easy to use graphic software for fast visualization of 2D
   scientific data.
   NCAR Graphics [CM] -- integrated environment for data processing and
   scientific visualization.
   nep -- an interactive data plot program based on BLT.
   NodPlot [GPL] -- a scientific data plotting software for 3D structured
   Open Visualization Data Explorer -- an application and development
   software package for visualizing 2D/3D data.
   P+owerGraph [CM] -- easy-to-use tool for making scientific graphs with
   high quality.
   PAW -- an instrument to assist physicists in the analysis and
   presentation of their data.
   PFlow [GPL] -- an X11 Qt baseed program for use in introductory fluid
   dynamics course.
   PHYSICA -- a high level, interactive programming environment for data
   analysis and visualization.
   Ploticus -- script-driven and non-interactive plotting software.
   PLOTMTV -- various 2D and 3D plotting formats.
   PLOTTAB -- general purpose plotting code for discrete and/or
   continuous data.
   plotutils [GPL] -- plotting of scientific data and the drawing of
   vector graphics.
   PM3D [GPL] -- a program to transform 3D data to grayscale or color
   Ptool -- a software tool which provides persistence for data.
   PXI -- n-D data plotting program.
   PV-Wave [CM] -- analysis, visualization and application development to
   scientific data.
   Quickplot [GPL] -- a fast interactive 2-D plotter for large or small
   data files.
   robot -- scientific graph plotting and data analysis tool.
   SaGA [SR] -- Matlab toolbox for geometrical modeling and spatial data
   SampLin [GPL] -- a scientific data acquisition and visualization
   SEPLIB -- seismic processing system for UNIX platforms.
   SM [CM] -- an interactive plotting programme with a flexible command
   spec [CM] -- X-Ray Diffraction and Data Acquisition software.
   Spinne -- a program to check 2D representations of high-dimensional
   STAPLOT -- a Matlab tool for graphical analysis of hydrographic or
   other irregularly spaced data.
   StarChart [SR] -- X/Motif utility which generates charts from
   Tecate -- exploratory visualization system.
   TecPlot [CM] -- plotting program for visualizing and analyzing
   engineering and scientific data.
   UltraScan -- data analysis package for sedimentation velocity and
   equilibrium experiments.
   VCS -- visualization and computation system.
   VFleet -- a volume renderer which can run either locally or in a
   distributed mode.
   Vis5D [GPL] -- interactive visualization of large 5-D gridded data
   vgp -- visualizing series of 3D vectors with mouse controls.
   Vplot -- a plotting package with many screen and hardcopy devices.
   WebWinds -- a Java based interactive science data visualization
   wgrib -- a program to manipulate, inventory and decode GRIB files.
   WXP [CM] -- analyzing and displaying meteorological data and satellite
   xcosm -- removing out-of-focus light in 3-D volumes collected plane by
   Xdang -- vector, contour plots, and color maps on structured grids.
   xfarbe -- contouring program for iso-lines. [GPL] -- create bar charts in XFig files.
   XGobi -- data exploring interactively.
   XGraph with animation -- animations of line plots.
   Xgraphic -- easy to use graphic software to plot curves.
   XmdvTool -- visually explore multivariate data in a variety of
   xpplot -- a quick and handy tool to plot data.
   Xprism Pro [CM] -- a professional 2D and 3D plotting tool.
   XYPLOT [GPL] -- a plottig and data analysis tool.
   xyplot [GPL] -- a two-dimensional graphing and plotting package.
   yap -- display and print 2D slices of 3D rectangular grids.
   yplot -- scientific plots from large structured data file.
   ZigZag [SR] -- a software for a new kind of rationally connected data
   NEW zimg [GPL] -- generates png images out of almost arbitrary
   formatted 2-D data.
   Also Check Out:
   Amira -- visualization and reconstruction for 3D image data.
   ATNF Visualization Software -- a set of visualization software using
   Karma library.
   [B/D] -- an interactive programming language allows analyses of Bayes
   linear statistical problems.
   CFDRC Software [CM] -- a complete CFD system with pre/post-processing
   capabilities, like visualizing/procesing data.
   CLASP -- a tool for visualizing and statistically analyzing data.
   ESO-MIDAS [GPL] -- tools for image processing and data reduction with
   emphasis on astronomical applications.
   GrADS -- an interactive tool for the analysis and display of earth
   science data.
   IDL [CM] -- data analysis, visualization and application development.
   IRAF [GPL] -- general purpose software system for the reduction and
   analysis of scientific data.
   LabVIEW [CM] -- graphical programming environment for data
   MATCOM [CM] -- MATLAB to C++ translator and C++ matrix class library.
   MatView -- a scalable sparse matrix viewer.
   Megahedron [CM] -- multifaceted rendering, animation, simulation, and
   virtual reality software.
   polyr -- a program to make polygons from a volume.
   RRD Tool [GPL] -- a system to store and display time-series data.
   S-PLUS [CM] -- exploratory data analysis and statistical data mining.
   Starlink Software Collection -- many data processing programs for
   VolVis -- a volume visualization system.
   Yorick -- fast interpreted languages for numeric computing, analysis
   and processing.
   You may also want to look at the software in MATH | Array-Oriented &
   Linear Algebra Systems

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