Meeting: Final update

Frank Neumann (Frank.Neumann@Informatik.Uni-Oldenburg.DE)
Wed, 16 Sep 1998 22:20:14 +0200 (MET DST)

Hi again, meeters of the world,
here's the final update mail with latest news.

- The number of participants is a bit larger than during the last years.
  We're 23 so far, with a certain possibility that 2 more will come.
  This is no problem at all for me - I checked out the room again today,
  and it's got enough space for us. Though, all our computers and monitors
  might create a substantial amount of heat (but there are windows :-).

- Sven Luther will arrive late Friday night. I'll get him from the train
  station. Anyone else should know by now how he gets here.

- I made a small typo in the first version of the roadmap (already corrected):
  The Mercedes Benz dealer in Oldenburg after which you have to turn right
  is not namd 'Roessler', but 'Rosier'. Just to avoid confusion..

- Dinner: I have reserved desks in a turkish restaurant on Friday evening
  at 8 p.m. (the same where we were last year - 'Ali Baba'. I think it's
  quite ok), and on Saturday we'll drive to Oldenburg's city center to go
  to 'John Benton SteakHouse' (same as last year again, also at 8 p.m.).
  If you think you can't afford this, there's a McDonalds nearby, or also
  a Hennroy's.

  As I said before, you're on your own as far as supper is concerned. A
  supermarket is nearby where you can buy whatever you need - fruit, chips,
  vegetables (yerch! :-), chocolate etc. Or, as we call it, programmer's food.

- Again, the list of vital things to take with you:
  - Computer (haha), cabling, sockets, projects to show, networking hardware
    (anything you've got, others could make use of it - even Arcnet :-), CD-Rs,
    headphones&music CDs if you need it for working (I do),
    hardware phreaks: soldering iron&tools, spare parts
    Mark your cables/hubs etc. with labels with your name on them so
    that we avoid people accidentally taking your hardware with them
    if you lend something to them.

  - Air matress, sleeping bag, ear plugs, coffee mug, plate, towels,

  - There might be a couple of other things not in this list you regard
    as vital - tell us if you know of such things.

- Phone: There is a german card telephone inside the university, but it's
  only for outbound talks, i.e. it cannot be called as far as I know. Sorry.

- Entrance fee: I think 10 - 15 DM will cover all expenses (breakfast &c).
  This is without drinks, but they're not expensive. We have Coke, Fanta,
  Sprite, mineral water, apple/orange juice, beer, coffee, tea, tap water :^).

- You might want to compile your kernels with IP Forwarding/Gatewaying
  enabled if you'd be willing to offer those without real networking
  hardware a chance to take part in the network (via Slip or PPP).
  For 2.1.xx kernels, activate the /proc filesystem and Sysctl support;
  see Documentation/ under "CONFIG_IP_ADVANCED_ROUTER".
  Of course, those of you using NetBSD will have to take whatever actions
  are required there - I don't know enough about NetBSD to be able to
  tell that.

- Everyone is responsible for his own hardware. If someone stubles across
  a cable and tears your computer off the desk, you will have to handle
  that yourself. There is no insurance from my part.

- As usual: Drive carefully! There's enough place for everyone, no need to

Well that's it, see you on Friday!

Your host. :^)

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