Re: MiniDebCamp 2021 pre-FOSDEM?

From: Didier 'OdyX' Raboud <>
Date: Sat, 01 Feb 2020 10:33:47 +0100

Le vendredi, 31 janvier 2020, 18.57:16 h CET Holger Levsen a écrit :
> so it seems to me, the MiniDebCamp 2020 pre-FOSDEM was - in many ways -
> a nice and useful event, which people enjoyed and where some stuff got
> done. IOW: I hope you liked it!

I did, thank you very much for making this possible!

> So, shall we repeat this for 2021?
> And shall we do it again at HSBXL? The venue is a bit challenging but
> also quite nice and has a lot of potential we didn't use.

The (mostly obvious if you were there) challenges are:
- 3 large flight of stairs (~ 5-6 floors), no elevator,
- 2-3 numbered locks with secrets to be passed around,
- the heated room got quite crowded; and some hacked in the much colder
  space just outside of the main room.

> And btw, Debian could also give some money to HSBXL. This time I was
> very happy that $random_DDs_employer is willing to pay 3*50 EUR
> attendence fee to HSBXL but IMHO Debian could also just donate
> $some_money to HSBXL.

I'd recommend making it clearer that it's possible to get invoices for
attendance; something like: "Attendance is free, but if you or your employer
can contribute a modest amount towards helping making this event possible, the
recommended daily amount is #€; please get in contact with $ to get a formal

> P.S.: last year I was wondering if we should have a pre- or post FOSDEM
> event and today I think pre FOSDEM is better.

pre- is good, agreed.


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