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The following is not going to take too much of your energy, and so direct to the condition. I obtained a movie of you fighting the purple helmet warrior while at the pornweb site you are went to, due to a fantastic arse program I have been able to place on several web sites with that kind of material.

You press play button and all digital cameras and a microphone start working in addition, it will save every damn detail coming from your computer system, just like contact information, passwords or stuff such as that, guess exactly where i got this e-mail from?) So now we all know just who my goal is to send that to, just in case you not necessarily gonna compensate this along with me.

I will place a wallet address under for you to hit me 550 dollars in Three dayz maximum through btc. See, it's not that large of a value to cover, suppose this would make me not that bad of a man.

 You're allowed to try and do whatever da shit you want to, however if i will not find the total amount in the period of time mentioned over, well... you by now understand what can happen.

 And so it's under your control now. Now i'm not going to proceed through every detail and shit, just simply don't have precious time for this and you probably know that web is loaded with emails similar to this, so it's as well your final choice to believe in this not really, there is only one way to discover.

The following is my bitcoin address- 19Q72xa5QeJCwBsDVnrUZx4349Aok7DAYq

Have fun and remember that time is ticking)
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