Re: Debian booth at Chemnitzer Linux Tage, Chemnitz, sat 16 and sun 17 march

From: Jan Wagner <>
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2019 17:08:47 +0100

Hi there,

Am 06.02.19 um 18:33 schrieb Jonas Genannt:
> there'll be a Debian booth at CLT 2019
> ( ).
> The Chemnitzer Linux Tage will take place inside the TU Chemnitz.
> If anyone is interested to help with the booth, please reply to this
> mail or have a look at the wiki page:

while this is the biggest Linux Event in Germany the participation at
the anual booth is significant going down over the last years.

Thanks Jonas, who managed all the organisational stuff we had a booth
again. We were tree people officially maintaining to booth over 2 full
days with support of Andreas Tille who was a speaker and held a
packaging workshop.

We had quite a number of people visiting the booth and questions from
rooky over packaging questions to how to install on laptops from 1995.
The event itself was organized extremly well like all the years before.

You can get some impressions about the booth on twitter[1].

I can just ask you to participate to run the booth the next time, it is
worth, from the personal and the project view.

With kind regards, Jan.

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