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Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2019 6:22:21 +0100

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Good day Reservas

I do not want to laugh at you... Read our message carefully. Our squad will not spoil you social status if you go to a deal with us.

You can find a lot of varied instructions about safe internet surfing: using proxy servers ; install actual antivirus base, stick web cameras with the adhesive tape... What did you do from this list?.
There are more than

800 victims which installed my private computer worm...
I paced it in fishing site of adobe player... Users installed everything and didnt surmise something bad, because this soft should be installed on all computers to process videos in web.
You were not exception and now also have big problems.
Our inbuilt parser responded to calls to porn-sites in your connections. Directly after you clicked on a play button the malware activated the camera to catch you paying with yourself. Later the computer worm made a copy of a vid which you watched on your computer. With the help of form-grabber deleted coockies and stolen all passwords from your social media that were visited since last Monday. We made a copy of your contacts of your mates.
Let's put it all together. I got vid with you caressing your body; contacts with your friends, collegues and relatives; vid that you were watching on your screen.
You can help yourself just send me 470 usd with bitcoin.

MyUse this wallet address : bc1qgdk9pq6c6wap9dsv6pllp6ayjv7g3zqe3f0ynz

Choose- become popular or pay little bit to safe your social status.
You can complain cops, but they can not find us. We write you through our botnet, also we do not live in your country. IP in a header is not mine.
For some questions just reply.

Good luck.
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