Report from Debian BSP at tarent solutions GmbH, Bonn

From: Dominik George <>
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2019 23:26:52 +0100

Hi everybody,

here is a short report from the bug squashing party, which took place at
tarent solutions GmbH[1], Bonn, Germany, the last weekend. It was
poartially sponsored by tarent solutions and partially by Teckids[2], with
tarent sponsoring rooms and drinks, and Teckids sponsoring network and

We had a very nice weekend with ten different people attending,
including two new contributors from Italy (one of them from Tarent in
southern Italy - nice coincidence, if you followed closely ;)). I am
very proud that we managed to have a, form my point of view, very good
balance between -project and -devel work, and also socialising. The two
perosns from Italy got to know some of our tools, and fixed their first
two bugs, and concluded that they would invest some more time into
Debian in the future. I also spent several hours in the kitchen,
creating more or less creative food (called "live catering" by one
attendee) troughout the days ;). I very much enjoyed this .

Now, coming to the technical stuff:

It looks like we touched 38 RC bugsthis weekend, which is close to an
impressing 10% of all RC bugs in buster atthis time. To be fair, we
merged a lot. The bugs that remained at the end are listed at [3]. Here
are short summaries:

 * Paolo and Thorsten made a lot of packagres build their documentation
   again, after a bug in a TeX package broke doxygen.
 * Christoph fixed a legal issue in a row of netkit-* related packages,
   which contained stuff without accompanying source. If he really uploads,
   we are sadly losing an important BSP running gag ;)!
 * Antonio and me fixed an issue installing freeipmi tools due to incomplete
   default settings for service startup.
 * I fixed several bugs in sssd which made it fail to build.
 * A row of test failures due to minor changes in dependencies were fixed.
 * Python packages installign header files to wrong locations were fixed
   in a row.
 * A SEGFAULT in midori when editing proxy settings was fixed, and sent
   and applied upstream.
 * Other stuff I failed to list here.

We also had two people attend looking for inspiration for their own BSP,
and we are now expecting another BSP in Germany at the beginning of May

As the main organiser, I want to thank everyone who attended for making
this weekend so great. tarent, Teckids and me were very proud to be your
hosts, and are looking forward to welcoming you on board again ☺!



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